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Magnetic Bodies/Maps Of Bones


Magnetic Bodies/Maps Of Bones

Dan Didier and Davey von Bohlen have been playing music together for 20 years now. More than half of that time has been spent with Maritime, though between 2011’s gorgeously down-the-middle ‘Human Hearts’ and the thoughtful new ‘Magnetic Bodies/Maps Of Bones’, they took a little trip down memory lane by briefly reuniting their old band, The Promise Ring.

With ‘Magnetic Bodies/Maps Of Bones’ Maritime’s fifth album, the band feels younger than its years, and yet in full possession of its own hard-won wisdom and experience. It feels like a band with nothing to prove, but that’s going to prove it anyway.

  1. Nothing's Forgot
  2. Satellite Love
  3. Roaming Empire
  4. Light You Up
  5. War Tattoos
  6. Drinking Peru
  7. Collar Bones
  8. Inside Out
  9. Love You In The Dark
  10. When The Bone Moon Dies

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