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Arthur King & The Night Sea: Palmetto

Arthur King & The Night Sea: Palmetto

Arthur King & The Night Sea is an experimental group that defies musical categorization. Floating between Minimalist-Atmospheric, Dub, Free Jazz and Electronic, the project is an ongoing exercise in engaging the known and unknown inherent in creative expression.

Based in Los Angeles, the band is comprised of highly acclaimed musicians Danny Frankel (Lou Reed, K.D. Lang, Nels Cline, Money Mark), David Ralicke (Beck, Dengue Fever, John Cale), Kenny Lyon (The Lemonheads, Spain), Peter Walker (Eulogies, Broadheads), Rusty Logsdon (Eels), Shon Sullivan (Elliott Smith,The Rentals, Goldenboy) and Aaron Espinoza (Earlimart, Admiral Radley).

“Palmetto” is an atmospheric experience, stuffed with mythology and mysticism. "Mad psychedelia, everywhere from a dark jazz trumpet to an almost South American ambiance, a Dub Tropicalia steamed in the layers of an LSD jaunt!" (rocknyclive).

  1. Rivertail
  2. Yao Ming
  3. Metaphor
  4. Double Lion
  5. Slowed Down Japanese Elevator Music
  6. Implied Spider Part A
  7. Implied Spider Part B
  8. Nigredo
  9. Glenn's Theme
  10. Riverhead

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